Save the Last Dance…

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We talk so much about the first wedding songs during your big day. But lets not forget about the last ones. The last moments of your wedding can set the tone for the rest of your lives together. Think about the first dance, father daughter and the first party song. Then think about how you want to set the mood for the rest of the night.

Would you like to save the last dance for something special? Do you want to party and dance the night away? Or would you prefer to have a wind down after the dancing to enjoy these moments with your closest family and friends together.

We can help you determine how you want to set the mood by creating a special playlist on the night that bounces off the energy that you and your guests create. We can take your suggestions as we go and judge the music on how the group is feeling resulting in a night that makes your dreams come true.

Save the last dance…

Some tips we have for your special night is think about the songs that mean the most to you. The songs that you sing on a girls night out, or drinks with the boys. The song that gets the whole family singing and the songs that always comes out at karaoke. Think the first song you danced to as a couple, or the song that you remember from your first date. It is important to have last minute suggestions on a whim, that makes the night fun- but also think about the songs that take you back into your history with family, your future spouse and your friends. This combination will make the most memorable night tailored just for you.



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