Getting the best sound on your wedding day

How to get the best wedding video out of your big day

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A wedding is a wonderful whirlwind of feelings, emotions and experiences. Your wedding day is a day that is anticipated by yourself and many loved ones. But we all know how quickly it all can fly by and have you wanting to return to those special moments.

Let us tell you how you do this and get the best wedding video out of your big day.

Wedding videos are one of the few things that you can take away from your special day to look back on and cherish and this strikes the question-

How do I get the best wedding video to keep forever?



Feelings, emotions and experiences are just as important to a wedding video as they are to your wedding day. We know what you’re thinking- I’m not the videographer, why should I have to think about this?

To have a great experience you need great foundations. You, as the wedding organiser, can ensure you have these foundations in place.

Speeches and your vows are the first thing you want to remember. These are the things that create the entire atmosphere of your day. Ensure that these are captured audibly as well as visually and this will achieve the best wedding video for you to look back on year after year. Have audio and video clips recorded so speeches, vows, laughter and music are both seen and heard. These moments are the ones you’ll want to relive the most.

Remember to discuss with your DJ how they can record your vows, speeches and any other important verbal announcements and have this incorporated into your wedding video. This is how you can have a happy, authentic and memorable recollection of your day.

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