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Go Shawty, it's your birthday! We gon' party like it's your birthday! Massive congratulations from us here at Addictive DJ's. Over the past 8 years, we have played at some of the best birthday parties in New Zealand and over this time we have got used to doing a couple of things really well. As well as providing industry leading entertainment we have also taken a very special approach to listening. Wait, what? You might not think it's that important but listening to our clients is how we have built such a successful DJ company with so many great DJ's and is also why we play at so many birthday parties every single year. Our music range is second to none and will impress even the biggest music critic. With over 60,000 songs readily available at your birthday party, we really do have something for everyone. We keep our music database updated regularly and have everything from the 1950's to today's very latest top40. Finally, we have our very own Online Music Planning Tool designed for you to easily add songs at any time of the day which all of our clients get access to once they book with us.

Our lighting systems are made up of L.E.D lighting which means it is bright, atmospheric and consumes very little power. We theme our lighting for your specific event, your colour theme and of course the age range of your guests. We have everything from small lights if your party is in a house or a smaller venue and if you are doing things BIG then we can bring out the big guns - 1500 watt strobe lights, multiple dual lasers, L.E.D moving head lights, UV Black lights and not to forget 2000 watt smoke machines!


Addictive DJ’s have been rocking birthday’s for the past 8 years!

Having a 70's themed disco party? We can provide disco balls of all sizes and spotlights that will make your disco balls shine bright like a diamond! As your preferred entertainment supplier for a birthday party DJ's the possibilities are literally endless. Addictive DJ's can incorporate twitter requests on the night of your birthday party which means guests don't even have to come up and ask the DJ for a song - although we do like people requesting music as it makes the whole night more fun and creates a nicer, friendlier atmosphere.

It's hard but just try and imagine for a second the feeling of knowing that all of your guests, family and friends are having such a great night dancing away to professional entertainment which you have sorted out! We don't think there is a better feeling than pulling off a successful birthday party and we are here to help you in any way we can.

Addictive DJ's play at sweet 16th's, 18th's, 21st's 30th's, 40th birthday parties, 50th's, 60th birthday parties, 70th's and 80th's. If you are still rockin' it at 90 or 100 and you are having a birthday party in New Zealand then get in touch with us and we can most definitely sort something extra special out just for you!

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Great DJ’s Know How To Effect Your Feeling With Music.

As humans, we anchor certain feelings to music that can be good and bad. For example have you ever heard a song come on the radio and be taken right back to that place when you first heard it? Most people know exactly what they were doing, seeing and-and feeling. A great DJ knows how to use this to get people up dancing and enjoying themselves.

16th Birthday parties to 75th Birthday parties Addictive DJ's have the right music to suit your Birthday celebration and have the skills to read the crowd and get people up dancing.

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Organising a 21st birthday party

Lots of preparations go on behind the scenes to make sure you and your friends have a night to be remembered (or not) at your 21st Birthday Party.

Addictive DJ's have created a list of things you need to organise:

We also have a range of equipment available for hire, great for house parties!