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Professional school ball DJ's ready to mix bangers at your ball

School balls are kind of a big thing and each year the School Ball Committee is responsible for ensuring this year's ball is a one like no other. Addictive DJ's play at so many school balls it's not even funny, and we truly do things big. When it comes to DJ's and entertainment for your school ball, don't cut corners. We've put together 2 massive School Ball Packages for you and your school to choose from. We have our BIG School Ball Package which is a huge package designed for up to 300 students and then we have our BIGGER Package which is for more than 300 students. Our DJ's will sit down with you and your school to make the planning stage as easy as possible.

Our young School Ball DJ's are full of ENERGY and DJ because they love it. Addictive DJ's have been operating for over 11 years and our DJ's play at School Balls all over NZ. We have a team of DJ's each with more than 5 years experience and we know what get's the people going! Booking Addictive DJ's for your School Ball is an amazing experience that your school simply won't find anywhere else, especially with a part time DJ or hobbyist. Check out our 2017 School Ball DJ Packages that we have made just for you. We promise you won't be disappointed.

NZ School Ball DJ's Addictive DJ's


2x JBL SRX828SP Subwoofers
2x JBL SRX835SP 3-way Speakers
1x JBL EON DJ Monitor
1x AKG Wireless Microphone
1x Pioneer DDJ-SZ
MacBook Pro + Serato
4x MILOS Truss Totems
4x 330W Moving Heads
8x 180W LED Pars Cans
Control Equipment
2x Professional Addictive DJs
4x JBL SRX828SP Subwoofers
4x JBL SRX835SP 3-way Speakers
1x JBL EON DJ Monitor
1x AKG Wireless Microphone
1x Pioneer DDJ-SZ
MacBook Pro + Serato
6x MILOS Truss Totems
8x 330W Moving Heads
12x 180W LED Par Cans
Martin MPC Rack or SoundSwitch
School Ball DJ Co2 Cannon Blast
School Ball DJ Packages through Addictive DJ's
School Ball Dance Circle

The BEST School ball DJ Entertainment

New Zealand has a culture of inspiring people. We have a promising youth and as a country we love to celebrate - and when we do, we do it right! Taking your ball to the next level is not only going to give you and your fellow peers something to remember, but a school ball is a memory you have with you for the rest of your life. Our School ball packages are carefully designed to deliver a colourful, rich and electrifying atmosphere for any school ball venue and any schools taste. It's in our best interest to create an amazing atmosphere at your School Ball. Addictive DJ's want your King and Queen to shine, we want your fellow peers to rage and we want you and even your teachers to sneak in a few selfies with the DJ and the big sound and lighting systems. We want you guys to be a part of the empowering non-stop dancing that comes from having Addictive DJ's at your school ball. Most of all, we want you to have a complete blast at your ball, with high energy non-stop dancing, all night. Our tagline isn't "Mixing Music With Energy" just so you can LOL at it!

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Commitment and Equipment

As a full-time DJ company, we have the privilege of doing what we love. Addictive DJ's have put a lot of work into what we do over the past eight years so that you can benefit from it. We are industry leaders, and always have been and we are at such a level in the mobile DJ industry where the equipment that we invest in is the latest Pioneer CDJ decks, Macbook Pro's, Massive JBL, Crown and QSC speaker systems, Intelligent moving head lighting and much, much more! Addictive DJ's bring the vibe and atmosphere with us everywhere that we go. We take your school ball seriously and passionate about everything we do. We believe if you have such passion in whatever you choose to do in life then it shows in your work, your personality and your service to others. This is why we call ourselves Addictive DJ's New Zealand - because with our reputation for outstanding service and incredible professionalism we know that one night with Addictive DJ's at your school ball is enough of an experience to get your talking about how good your school ball was for the rest of your life. Imagine when you are 30 or 40 years old and can still boast to your work colleagues about how good YOUR school ball was compared to theirs? We are a Fun, Energetic and Addictive mobile DJ company that specialises in helping create the ultimate school ball experience for you. Check out our packages here then pick up the phone and have a friendly chat with us today.

Addictive DJs can host your School Ball anywhere in NZ!


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