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Our Rotorua school ball DJ's are professional formal, prom and social DJs

Planning a school ball is serious fun. Addictive DJ's Rotorua have been performing at school balls all around New Zealand for the last eight years and straight up, we have seen some pretty cool shit. We have witnessed so many school balls take place in the past and because of this we have a great knowledge of what makes school balls, proms, socials and formals in Rotorua successful.

Addictive DJ's are school ball experts and the reason we say this is because we are young, professional and ready to party! We suit our sound systems to the size of your venue, the amount of students that you have coming and how much bass you want. We own massive state of the art, QSC and JBL sound systems that not only look amazing - but sound sick even with up to a thousand people bouncing in front of it.

Addictive DJ's will help you out by making the planning stages of your entertainment and music as easy as it can be. What sort of music are you into? Our young and professional DJ's carry over 60 thousand tracks to every school ball which means we will have something for everyone. What this also means to you and your school is that if a student or one of your friends were to request a song during the night, we would most probably have it. Imagine what your friends are going to think when they ask the DJ for a new song and the DJ actually has it!?

Our Rotorua school ball DJ's focus on putting on a real show at your ball, prom, formal or social by using the very latest LED lighting, stunning laser shows, massive strobe lights and amazing effects such as smoke machines, bubble machines and even SNOW machines! This would be perfect if you are having a Winter Wonderland themed school ball. Addictive DJ's are truly your one-stop shop when it comes to DJ entertainment, lighting, sound systems and special effects for your school ball or prom in Rotorua. Our sound systems go up to ten thousand (10,000) watts and our DJ's like to get on the microphone and get involved at your ball. Have you ever thought about sound waves? It might seem like a odd question, but did you know that the human body soaks up sound waves? A sound system suited for 100 people with 100 people dancing in front of it will sound fine, however, you put 150 students in front of it and you are going to lose a lot of the midrange frequencies and low end sub tones. Our DJ's are professional and we do this full time - for a living. Addictive DJ's Rotorua suit the sound system for your school ball to the amount of students you have coming and the size of the venue. Does what we do sound good to you? Take the next easy step and get in touch with one of our full-time Entertainment Advisors toll free today on 0508 TOP DJS (0508 867 357)


Five Great reasons to book Addictive DJs Rotorua for your School Ball

1. Our Rotorua DJ's have played at School Balls all around the North Island for over eight years.
2. Addictive DJ's Rotorua only use top of the line QSC, JBL & Crown sound systems.
3. We carry over 60 thousand tracks to every School Ball and we do this full-time, our music library gets updated every single week.
4. Addictive DJ's Rotorua offer FREE hire on special effects such as Smoke Machines, Bubble Machines & Snow Machines.
5. We pride ourselves in being Rotorua's best DJ company and we think that once you have made just one phone call to us, you will clearly recognise why we are the best.

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School Ball Venue Suggestions in Rotorua

There are so many amazing school ball venues in Rotorua. Addictive DJ's have compiled a pretty short (but sweet) list of some of the best that we have in town. If you think we have missed an important one out, please get in touch with us and we can update this list. The Energy Events Centre has a stunning room for school balls, proms, formals and socials in Rotorua called the "Bay Trust Forum." It's more than 930 square metres of function space and has the capacity to host up to 850 people in a theatre style. The Bay Trust Forum room has high ceilings, a spacious feel and is perfect for school balls, exhibitions and even banquet. The Blue Baths is a beautiful school ball venue in Rotorua. The architecturally stunning venue blends art deco and Spanish Mission design elements to create a versatile and elegant venue for school balls, proms, socials and formals in Vegas. The Rotorua Convention Centre is located in the middle of Rotorua and next to downtown businesses, major hotels, shops, restaurants and local bars. It is specifically designed for conferences, exhibitions and entertainment.

Rotorua School Ball

Rotorua School Ball, Prom, Formal and Social Theme Ideas

We love helping you guys out and we have seen a few great balls in Rotorua in our time - so we thought, why not share a couple of amazing school ball theme ideas with you?

African Safari - A theme where your school ball can incorporate jungle animals such as lions and elephants. Why not have a jeep as an entrance way and speak to your theme designer about using indoor plants to really give your ball that earthy feel. Addictive DJ's Rotorua can theme the lighting to match using lots of greens and other earthy colours.

Bollywood Theme - This is a theme where you can use rich vibrant colours and peculiar textures to create a night to really remember. Addictive DJ's can incorporate Indian Bollywood style music throughout the night to really create a fun atmosphere.

A Night In Paris - A fantastic school ball theme maybe with a big Eiffel Tower backdrop for photos? You can use silver and black balloons to create an elegant atmosphere and of course, with the food be sure to serve classic traditional French foods such as cheese, light pastries, macaroons and quiches.

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