1920's The Great Gatsby

Vintage 1920's millionaire style theme. If you haven't seen the Great Gatsby movie, we recommend watching it before choosing this theme for your school ball. Serve sparkling non-alcoholic juice such as grape juice for over awards or during the entrance.



Jump in your VW Combi and take a trip back to one of the best decades ever. The 1970's with big hair and ever bigger shoes to match. Where love and flower power ruled. The 1970's also experienced the birth of the DJ. DJ's originally mixed music off old vinyl record players at nightclubs with a ceiling full of mirror balls. Our DJ's have and can play on vinyl record players to match your theme and believe it or not, we even have the mirror balls sitting around that we can bring!


African Safari

A theme where your school ball can incorporate jungle animals such as lions and elephants. Why not have a jeep as an entrance way and speak to your theme designer about using indoor plants to really give your ball that safari feel. Addictive DJ's can theme the lighting to match using lots of greens and other earthy colours.


Alice in Wonderland

Welcome to the Mad Hatters Tea Party! A chance to use crazy props and outrageous decorations. You could design an amazing "rabbit hole entrance way" with a strobe light flashing and upside pictures over the walls to give the effect of falling down the rabbit hole. This is Just an idea to get you started. Addictive DJ's love tea and we're a little bit mad so talk to one of our full-time school ball DJ's to get more ideas!


Arabian Nights

A cool theme idea where you could go all out all with magic carpet ride entrances and Aladdin style dress code. Use palm tree's to set the scene and maybe incorporate a beautiful lagoon or water fountain with blue uplighting. Red, Purple and pink work really well with an Arabian Nights themed school ball as well as orange.



The ultimate theme for COLOUR! Bollywood is a theme where you can use rich vibrant colours and peculiar textures and textiles to create a night to really remember. Addictive DJ's can incorporate Indian Bollywood style music throughout the night to really create an energetic atmosphere that everyone will enjoy.



Imagine white sand, palm trees and clear blue water. Add tropical fruit drinks, pineapples, bright colours like orange, yellow and green around the room and you almost have yourself a Caribbean themed school ball! This is obviously just the start, use your imagination to transform your ball into a Caribbean paradise.


Carnival / Circus

The Carnival theme is an exciting theme for school balls and perfect if you want to do something different. You could hire fire dancers, jugglers, clowns and maybe even stilt walkers to impress the students and put on a bit of a show. Use primary colours such as red, blue and yellow and throw in some red and white striped stuff for good measure. Another idea is to hang drapes from the ceiling to make the whole room look like the inside of a circus tent!


Haunted House Theme

This theme is a scary Halloween type theme for your school ball and it has endless possibilities. Being so unique, it takes a very creative school to really pull it off. Start by using a lot of black. Add some fake blood and some scary props and you're almost there. For entrance ways use mini strobe lights which Addictive DJ's can provide, lots of bone props and cobwebs. For your photo room, how about creating an "Autopsy Room"? Imagine having a backdrop with fake body parts and lots of blood... not for the fainthearted.


Heaven & Hell

Very much a unique theme of the good and the bad, God and Satan. We can match our lighting systems to any theme and we would use alternating red and blue LED lights to create a really cool Heaven and Hell Theme for your school ball. There are so many good theme idea's and if you would like help with planning your school ball theme, simply get in touch with one of our DJ's today!


Las Vegas

Las Vegas theme is obviously a glamorous high-rolling theme. A Las Vegas school ball is somewhat similar to a casino night so expect to hire classic games such as blackjack and roulette tables. Ask Addictive DJ's to theme the lighting for your ball by using bright red, green and white lighting.



Create a fabulous and glamorous evening with a Masquerade theme for your school ball! The Masquerade theme is based on mystery, and who doesn't love a bit of mystery? The idea of this theme is for you to wear an elegant mask which covers your face so throughout the ball night, you can build mysterious relationships with other guests. Be as flirtatious as you like hiding behind the decadence of disguise and at midnight when you have the final dance, unmask and reveal your true identity!



Have fun while being surrounding by suits of armor, swords and battle axes! Use a big castle painting on a cardboard backdrop for group photo's and prepare a feast that is fit for a king! Use thrones as chairs for more photo opportunities and you could even drink from Goblets! For best dressed and king and queen prizes, give away flags and spears - as well as beautiful crowns, Tiara's and maybe a Coif!



Like the story and movie, this school ball theme could have you walking through a giant wardrobe entrance way, that opens up into an amazing fantasy land with crazy props and lots of white and blue lighting. Addictive DJ's love this theme because blue and white go so well together!


Night with the Stars

A Hollywood-style theme where you could host an awards night for the students at the ball. Be sure to create an awesome backdrop for photo's consisting of stars and of course, a walk of fame for the entrance way. Addictive DJ's can theme your school ball lighting to match - keeping it simple and elegant with a high chance of fun!



A fantastic school ball theme, Paris! Use a big Eiffel Tower as backdrop for photos, you can also use silver and black balloons to create an elegant atmosphere and of course, with the food, be sure to serve classic traditional French foods such as cheese, light pastries, macaroons and quiches. Red lighting also works wonders for a Paris themed School Ball.



Iron your Togo, prepare your finest sandals and get ready to pretend you're a God! Ancient Roman times were known for having emperors and tough gladiators. For props, use big Roman pillars and lots of blue and green lighting. The Roman theme is similar to a Greek theme and both Greece and Rome love to grow grapes for wine and olives. Serve non-alcoholic wine and use the invitations as a way of including Roman numerals into the theme. Look at the possibilities of hosting a Roman gladiator match and even use it as a fundraising idea for your school ball!


Under the Sea

Do you love the ocean? This Underwater Theme for your School Ball has a few cool things that you can do to make it a really effective theme for your ball. Create deep sea looking centerpieces including lots of blue, sand and even pretty shells. For food and drink, maybe look at fish finger options or fish and chips. For drink, you can use fruity mixtures to create punch which you can serve in mini fish bowls. Be sure to speak to your local event decorator and theme professional who will guide you in the right direction and be able to make your Underwater Theme ideas come to life!


Wild West

Wild West is a very unique theme that we don't see done often enough. Your school can get excited and create props such as a town jail where you could have the photo's take place, or maybe a saloon with real wooden fences as a backdrop for photos? Addictive DJ's will do all we can to incorporate your theme with our lighting and music. You could use hay bales for around the DJ booth and have typical Wild Wild West farm animals chilling on-stage.


Willy Wonka

Willy Wonka for your school ball is a theme that we haven't ever seen done before. There are so many amazing and easily achievable ideas for throwing a Willy Wonka Themed school ball. How about Golden Tickets for invitations and of course, copious amounts of that chocolaty goodness! Be sure to use purple carpets and lighting and if you can get your hands on some small people, dress them up as Oompa Loompa's!

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