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Welcome to the all-new Addictive DJ website. If this is your first time on this site please make sure you have a good look around, we hope that you find our new site as helpful as it should be. Addictive DJ's launched this new site with the intention of it being your one-stop shop and information centre for School Balls in Lake Taupo. Our Taupo DJ's have put a lot of time into sourcing and organising all the crucial information that you need for your school ball and we have included it all below. We have great information and knowledge on how we can help your Taupo school ball be a huge success. You will find information on who we recommend for different things including venues, photographers, Prop hire and school ball theming in Taupo, great school ball venues and of course - arguably the most important part of the night... School Ball Entertainment in Taupo. This website page also includes testimonials from our 2014 school ball season and of course, a link to our gallery. In our photo gallery, you will find pictures of the equipment that we bring to your school ball, snaps of our professional, confident and fun school ball DJ's and finally students having a mean night in general. There are several schools that book us consistently every year and a lot of schools book us straight after their ball (At the end of the night) for the following year!

What makes us different from any other random DJ? Well, where do we start? We are full-time professional DJ's which gives us a huge advantage over other small DJ companies or "one man bands." We like to call them "weekend warriors" by the way. All of the equipment that we use for your school ball we own. This means you don't get some random sound system that is put together using different amps and different brands. Our sound systems are JBL JRX sound systems powered by huge Crown XTi Amps. Our Crown amps have a USB input and software so that we can edit the output sound and tweak certain frequencies to accommodate your venue and the number of students you have at your Taupo school ball. This might be sounding a little bit too technical but the truth is, it's really important because a lower (deeper, bassier) subwoofer sound might sound better in your venue at 35Hz as opposed to, say, 48Hz. As professional school ball DJ's in Taupo, Our staff and DJs know this stuff so you don't have to.

Is lighting important at your Taupo school ball? If you answered yes, then you are in luck. We use L.E.D lighting rigs that look stunning. We can incorporate your theme into our lighting by using strobe lights for a Haunted House Themed ball. Or red and purple lighting for a ball with the theme of Masquerade. Having the right lighting at your school ball in Taupo is such an important thing and it is often overlooked. Addictive DJ's use Lasers, L.E.D Moving Head Lights, 1500watt Strobe Lights, L.E.D Scanners, L.E.D Par Cans, UV Black Lights and more PLUS we have a whole range of special effects that you get for free when you book! We have Smoke Machines which are great for the Lasers. We have Bubble Machines which are fantastic for Underwater Themed School Ball's and even SNOW Machines which are always fun and sure to be a huge surprise to your school friends! The hard part's keeping it a secret after you book!


Five Great reasons to book Addictive DJs Taupo for your School Ball

1. Free school ball planning advice to ensure big success at your ball
2. Addictive DJ's are full-time professional DJ's, that guarantee to get your ball pumping
3. Top of the line JBL sound systems up to 10,000 watts at your Taupo ball
4. Stunning L.E.D lighting rigs including moving heads, lasers and strobe lights
5. Free hire of special effects at your ball such as smoke, bubble or snow machines

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School Ball Venue Suggestions in Taupo

Whether you are having your Taupo school ball in your school hall or hiring out a school ball venue, Addictive DJ's Taupo can provide entertainment and give you a night to truly remember forever. A great school ball venue in Lake Taupo is the Great Lake Convention Centre. It can hold up to 750 people in a cocktail type setup and includes a 12m x 8m stage which is coincidently perfect for Addictive DJ's Taupo to perform on. The Great Lake Convention Centre is fully air-conditioned and comes with stage and technical management who will be more than happy to help with any special room requests that you may have.

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Taupo School Ball
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Taupo School Ball, Prom, Formal and Social Theme Ideas

Theming your room is one of the most important components of your Taupo School Ball. Theming sets the scene, creates atmosphere – and gives direction for what everyone should be wearing!

Eventrent is the company to see for your Taupo School Ball theming and decoration. These guys are creative, innovative and helpful – and they have themed some really cool stuff. They know what works (and also, what doesn't) and they have lots of ideas and theme inspiration to get your creative juices flowing.

Eventrent can offer tailored design concepts, suited to the theme you have in mind. Or, if you are not sure where to start –Eventrent have a range of themed school ball packages, which are all set and ready to go. The hardest part is deciding which theme to go with.

And it's not just theming that Eventrent provides – they are a complete Taupo hire centre, offering all the decorative hire items you will need. From the perfect prop to a giant martini centrepiece – or maybe you simply need tables, chairs, linen and lighting – and let's not forget the all important red carpet which will create the WOW at your entrance! Whatever your hire needs, Eventrent can help!

If you are looking to be unique this year with your school ball theme for your Taupo school ball then below are a couple of suggestions. If you would like more theme ideas please get in touch with one of our full-time Entertainment Advisors today toll-free on 0508 TOP DJS (0508 867 357) We are always more than happy to help. Also check out www.eventrent.co.nz

Haunted House Theme - This theme is a scary Halloween type theme for your school ball and it has endless possibilities. It is unique and takes a very creative school to really pull it off! Start by using a lot of blacks. Add some fake blood and some scary props and you're almost there. For the entrance way when students first walk into the venue, use mini strobe lights which Addictive DJ's can provide, lots of bone props and maybe some cobwebs. For your photo room, how about creating an "Autopsy Room"? Imagine having a backdrop with fake body parts, lots of blood, someone dressed up as an evil doctor and a working chainsaw. Scary...

Masquerade Theme - Create a fabulous and glamorous evening with a Masquerade theme for your Taupo school ball! The Masquerade theme is a theme that is based on mystery, and who doesn't love a bit of mystery? The idea of this theme is for you to wear an elegant mask which covers your face so throughout the ball night, you can build mysterious relationships with other guests. Be as flirtatious as you like hiding behind the decadence of disguise and at midnight when you have the final dance, unmask and reveal your true identity!

Underwater Theme - Do you love the ocean? The Underwater Theme for your School Ball is the same as the "Under The Sea Theme" and has a few cool things that you can do to make it a really effective theme for your Taupo ball. Create deep sea looking centrepieces including lots of blue, sand and even pretty shells. For food and drink, maybe look at fish finger options or fish and chips. For a drink, you can use fruity mixtures to create punch which you can serve in fish bowls. Be sure to speak to your local event decorator and theme professional who will guide you in the right direction and be able to make your Underwater Theme ideas come to live!

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