How your wedding playlist can make or break your day

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We all think of the big things on our wedding day. The dress, the venue, the decor- but what many don’t think about are the things that pull it all together. Your wedding playlist can be one of those things that can make your wedding the wedding of your dreams, or a horrible memory.

Hiring a good DJ who are experienced, prepared and who click with you is detrimental when it comes to how smoothly your day runs.

Clearness of speeches, music during the signing of the register and as guests enter the reception are some of the things that make your wedding much more pleasant for you and your guests.

We have a few pointers on choosing the perfect playlist for you, how to choose those important tunes and when they play:

Choosing the perfect wedding playlist for you

Choosing the perfect wedding playlist can be something that comes easily to you. Or it can come as a struggle. Picking the best tune comes down to your history, memories and what is relevant to you. Creating the your perfect wedding playlist need not be left solely in your hands! Choose the special, important songs. Your DJ should know how to get a crowd up and dancing, and unless you have something specific in mind- leave this up to them! They will get to know your group and what gets them moving.

Selecting the songs for those special moments, such as an aisle song or first dance can be tricky. Keep these close to your heart. Don’t wander too far from your style and remember to listen to your lyrics! Your guests will listen too and what you choose can be a way to express your relationship to your loved ones. Pick songs that bring back fond memories, or make your heart flutter a bit. These are the ones you’ll remember.

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