You may or may not have heard of it before but we can assure you, it's the very latest way of creating a great atmosphere for your wedding, staff party or school ball. Uplighting is also sometimes called wall lighting, atmosphere lighting, décor lighting, ambience lighting, wedding reception lights and uplighting for weddings. Addictive DJ's use RGB L.E.D Par Can light's to provide amazing colour washes on the walls of your venue. If you are looking for a relatively cheap way to really enhance the ambience at your wedding or school ball and you believe atmosphere is everything, look no further than coloured uplighting.

All of our par cans are L.E.D which means they draw hardly any power and they do not get hot. This means you can place the lighting anywhere around the venue and will not have to worry about placing them too close to a curtain or drape in the room. L.E.D's are also typically brighter than a normal halogen uplight and of course, being L.E.D means that the bulbs never need replacing!

Check out the colour wheel and a colour mix palette showing what colours an RGB (Red, Green & Blue) par-can, can make.


4 Addictive Packages

Smaller Venues, 4x Lights
4 L.E.D Par Can 64 Uplights
Medium Venues, 8x Lights
8 L.E.D Par Can 64 Uplights
DMX Controller
8 XLR Cables to link lights
Medium-Large Venues, 12x Lights
12 L.E.D Par Can 64 Uplights
DMX Controller
12 XLR Cables to link lights
Large Venues, 16x Lights
16 L.E.D Par Can 64 Uplights
DMX Controller
16 XLR Cables to link lights

With our DMX Controllers, we can control the colour of all the lights at the same time. The brightness of the uplights can also be controlled as well as what the lights do, e.g do the lights flash to the music? Do you want them to change colour slowly, or strobe. Anything is possible when you put uplighting with a DMX controller. We tape all of the cables down accordingly so that none of your guests can trip over anything or even really notice the cabling. Speak to one of our team members and enquire about our uplighting packages today here.

View what effects we can produce with Uplighting in our Wedding Photo Gallery

Intelligent Uplighting

Using DMX (Digital Multiplex) We can link all of the up lights together so that they change colour at the very exact same time throughout the night. During the dancing part of the night we can make the lights change colour and flash to the music. Our intelligent up lighting takes a bit longer than normal uplighting to set up and will have your guests talking about how amazing your venue looked quite literally, forever.

Themed Uplighting

If you have a theme for your wedding, corporate function, conference or school ball - Addictive DJ's can incorporate your theme colours using our uplighting. This takes any function to the next level and is a sure crowd pleaser. Not only does the lighting look amazing, just take a minute to imagine what your guests will think when they walk into the room and the whole place is lit up with the colours of your table clothes and chairs. Up lights are really the next big thing so jump on the band wagon early and get in first!

Uplighting in New Zealand

New Zealand seems to be a few years behind the majority of bigger countries such as America and the United Kingdom. We think the brains in NZ and our ability to innovate as a country is of a much higher quality and standard though. Uplighting in NZ hasn't really took off like it has around the rest of the world - Because Addictive DJ's are industry leaders, we think it's crucial to offer this amazing service to our clients. We have developed a few different packages that are available to you after you have booked Addictive DJ's to play at your wedding ceremony or reception, corporate function or school ball.

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